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Hostie is a company whose main goal is to improve the hotel industry. We started in 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The platform is designed to help guests get the most out of their stay at a hotel. Hostie tries to increase guest interaction with the hotel and its facilities. Also, guests can easily find relevant information about the hotel, make bookings, browse the room service menu, and more.

Hostie is bringing a lot of value for hotels as well. With increased guest interaction and activity, hotels will likely have increased sales and profits. In the close future, we plan to integrate existing property management systems with Hostie to provide a seamless guest check-in and management experience for hotel employees.

For hotel staff, Hostie offers Staff Panel to administer their system and guests that are trying to interact with the hotel. For hotel employees that are constantly on the move, there is also a mobile application, which will be released soon.

For hotel guests, Hostie offers a mobile application designed for both iOS and Android operating systems. With this app, guests can access and explore all the facilities and services available at the hotel. Potential guests can interact and get inspiration for their next trip. When guests get verified by the hotel, they will be able to interact with the staff and use all the functions through the app.

We at Hostie believe that it is possible to create a single platform used by all hotels around the world. The integration with existing systems would provide an easy onboarding and setup. Guests would not be asked to download an application for each hotel and would be able to use a single one for everywhere they go.

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Got a question about Hostie?

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